Adrian Crook for a Purpose Built Vancouver

Vancouver needs policy with purpose.

Let’s start with our end goals in mind: affordable housing, and a great city to live in. It’s time to focus on evidence-based policy: build on what works.

Purpose Built Vancouver means abundant housing, inclusive & equitable communities, retention of our residents and businesses, sustainable growth, efficient mobility, and civic resiliency.

Purpose Built Mobility

  • Link transit investment to housing commitments – more transit for more people.
  • Broadway subway to UBC – do it right, the first time.
  • Free transit for kids under 18 – intentionally create a new generation of transit riders. I support #AllonBoard.
  • Formally adopt the guidelines of the 8-80 Cities movement, so our city is as safe and enjoyable to get around for an 8 year old as it is for an 80 year old.
  • Support high speed rail to Seattle and Portland – open up new jobs and job markets.
  • Undertake a review of the City’s progress toward their Vision Zero (zero traffic fatalities) commitments.
  • Create an Office of Accessibility to advocate for not just standards, but innovation and collaboration toward reducing barriers for disabled persons in Vancouver.