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The number one way you can help me be elected to City Council this Fall is to complete both steps - signing up and donating whatever you can afford, directly to my campaign (not any party).

I'm committed to bringing affordable middle class homes to Vancouver, at a scale befitting our housing crisis. Through my advocacy work co-founding Abundant Housing Vancouver, and my lived experience as an urban renter with a family (5 Kids 1 Condo), I know how vital purpose built rental, social, and market multi-family housing is. 

Building more homes where young people and families want to live - not just on polluted main roads, but in quiet neighbourhoods as well - requires the political courage to open up the 76% of our residential land currently zoned only for detached houses.

Getting new homes to market quickly means capping building permit wait times. It's not uncommon to wait years before breaking ground on a new housing development. This is unacceptable.

Creating affordable housing close to where we work reduces traffic congestion. Fewer people in cars is better for everyone, including drivers. I'm a staunch active transportation supporter, but biking and walking is best when paired with complete communities - where even the poorest can afford to live, work and play.

I'd appreciate your support by completing the two step process above. It will only take a minute.

- Adrian Crook

Thursday, August 23rd 2018

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