Adrian Crook for a Purpose Built Vancouver

Vancouver needs policy with purpose.

Let’s start with our end goals in mind: affordable homes, and a great city to live in. It’s time to focus on evidence-based policy: build on what works.

Purpose Built Vancouver means abundant housing, inclusive & equitable communities, retention of our residents and businesses, sustainable growth, efficient mobility, and civic resiliency.

Purpose Built Homes

  • Fast track and incentivize construction of housing with “community benefit,” like purpose built rental, land trust (or other speculation-proof housing), co-ops & co-housing, seniors and social housing, heritage building retention, and more.
  • Reduce speculation by allowing existing property owners to redevelop new forms of housing on their own lots, no assembly required.
  • Prezone our city’s lowest density areas, taking politicians out of the rezoning process, capping speculation, and bringing transparency to development process costs.
  • Revise our public engagement process to balance the needs of underrepresented groups and culturally sensitive neighbourhoods with new development proposals.
  • Launch the Affordable Housing Accountability dashboard to report to Vancouver residents how the City is improving key measures of livability: rental vacancy rate, empty homes, evictions, demolition replacement ratio, median rent, population forecasts, housing creation rate and more.