Adrian Crook for a Purpose Built Vancouver

Vancouver needs policy with purpose.

Let’s start with our end goals in mind: affordable housing, and a great city to live in. It’s time to focus on evidence-based policy: build on what works.

Purpose Built Vancouver means abundant housing, inclusive & equitable communities, retention of our residents and businesses, sustainable growth, efficient mobility, and civic resiliency.

Purpose Built Communities

  • 4 Floors and Corner Stores: Foster diversity and walkability by adding more local services and Missing Middle housing to our neighbourhoods. Live/work units, corner stores, mid-block storefronts or offices, or childcare amidst low-rise apartment buildings, four-plexes or detached houses.
  • Appoint a Small Business Retention & Advocacy Group to investigate everything from rebalancing property taxes to alleviate pressure on businesses to permit expediting, zoning changes and more.
  • Adopt a harm reduction approach to the opioid crisis:
    • Increased support for grassroots organizations like OPS
    • Ending prohibitionist policies regarding drug use
    • Working with provincial government to create no barrier housing
    • Ensure there is a treatment program available to those who want one
  • Create more shared spaces, rental opportunity, mobility options and tenancy protection for groups with acute accessibility, affordability, or discrimination issues. This not only includes mobility-restricted persons and those experiencing poverty or homelessness, but also groups such as pet owners. Pets are shown to reduce social isolation in urban settings and are vitally important to community, yet pet owners have trouble securing accommodation, public space and transit options that accept their pets.
  • Convene a Young Vancouver Advocacy Group focused on recommending policies designed to help people under age 35 come to or stay in Vancouver. This would include childcare, tax equity, education, housing affordability, employment and more.