A Little About Me

I’m a single father of five young kids, living in the Yaletown neighbourhood in downtown Vancouver. My ten year old Vancouver-based company, Adrian Crook & Associates, designs and develops mobile games for clients like LEGO, American Express, Pokemon and Facebook.

I’ve founded two BC-registered non-profit associations, Abundant Housing Vancouver and Abundant Transit BC, to advocate for more choices in how we live in and get around our region. I also blog at 5 Kids 1 Condo, where I write about the pros and cons of urban family life in Vancouver.

I am running for City Council because I envision a new, affordable Vancouver that breeds inclusiveness and diversity, rather than division and anger.

Reducing barriers to providing the right type of housing for Vancouver residents of all backgrounds and income levels is how we begin.

As an independent City Councilor, I will swiftly implement good ideas, no matter their source, rejecting partisanship in favour of doing what’s right for Vancouverites.